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  • SWAY pendulum lounger
  • The first lounger which moves in order to aid your rest
    The first lounger...
  • Combined with the SONNENWIESE®, the SWAY pendulum lounger allows you to drop off wreathed in beneficial warmth.
    Combined with the...

SWAY pendulum lounger

The SWAY pendulum lounger allows you to easily recharge your batteries as you take a power nap. The pendulum movement rocks you gently into restorative sleep much faster than normal rest, as research by the Fraunhofer Institute has shown. And just 15 to 20 minutes of sleep are all it takes to feel deeply relaxed and refreshed.

Whether used as a sauna lounger or to provide guests with rest and relaxation, the generous 1.2 × 2.1 m dimensions of the pendulum lounger invite you to relax at first glance. The technology and base are concealed beneath the lounger, so you not only feel as if you are floating in mid air, that is exactly how it looks. The SWAY is covered in soft textile leather, and depending on your taste and furnishing style, you can choose between the colours white, sand beige, fango, fox gold, chocolate brown and black. Top-class workmanship and the usual excellent KLAFS quality are your guarantee that you will enjoy many years of well-being ensconced in your SWAY pendulum lounger.

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