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Conceptual planning

Our team of professionals is there for you throughout all stages of the architectural and interior design. Our commitment is to deliver individualised rather than standardised solutions, working symbiotically with both investors and architects. Regardless of the project scale, our work is with top quality, precision and innovative approach. We will always be helpful but also critical. We have seen common planning mistakes – in terms of zone disposition, easy access, people flow, quality of the space – that cause irreversible operational problems . Crystal SPA and Wellness will provide on-going review, dialogue and support to architects, designers and contractors. We know that interior design should provide residential and not institutional feeling so we are taking careful care of effective layout planning as well as following the newest trends for natural forms and materials. The SPA should not only be visually stunning, it must also meet the daily demands of the business. We can ensure that selected finishes are not only beautiful, but will withstand the harsh environment of the SPA.

"Working hard for something we love is called passion.” Simon Sinek

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