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Something icy on hot skin. Nothing is as pleasant after a session in the sauna as the tingling refreshment provided by KLAFS ice fountain. Ideally, the period of cooling-down starts with a breath of fresh air. Being outside for a few minutes is good for you and it stimulates the blood circulation. After this refreshing prelude, the second part of the invigorating treatment for all senses follows immediately. This takes the form of a short, sharp cooling off of the body – ideally using ice. It is particularly this shock-like combination of warm skin and melting ice which is responsible for the typical sauna session feeling. The blood vessels of the upper skin contract spontaneously only to then slowly stretch again creating a comfortably tingly feeling. An ice fountain is therefore an absolute highlight in every sauna and spa area and, as well as including the experience of ice, it is also a very beautiful eyecatcher.

The design of KLAFS ice wells are virtually unlimited. With its unique tiling, it can be made to suit individual customer needs, or it can be covered with back-lit glass. This means that the ice fountain harmonises well, not only in a minimalistically reduced spa, but also in a fairy-tale theme world. Whether free-standing or integrated in the wall, KLAFS ice fountain always looks good and can be adapted in form, colour and material to your wellness facilities or to you personal requirements. Even the material of the ice collection trays vary, they go from stainless steel through copper to glass. A further possibility is the direct release of ice within a diving pool, making for a unique experience similar to that of swimming in a partly-frozen winter lake.

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