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With water

Let the water flow: from the Kneipp hose or the flood shower all the way to the elaborate “ultimate shower experience”, you can choose the ending of every sweat programme individually. How about polar ice rain? While bathed in cool blue light, the bather is treated to a cool pattering shower from an energizing body sprinkler. After this, your guests will feel really well. Probably they will feel so good that they will want to enjoy the whole thing again and go back to the sauna or the steam bath.

Kneipp hose, kneipp pool and plunge pool- healthy design ideas from Klafs

“Kneippen” has generally come to mean cold showers and wading. What the Kneipp concept actually is, is a holistic therapy which aims to align body, mind and psyche with a focus on preventing illnesses. The catholic priest Sebastian Kneipp (1821 – 1897) founded the therapeutic concept, subsequently named after him, after curing his severe tuberculosis – at the time believed to be incurable – by taking ice-cold baths in the Danube. It took a long time before the methods of Sebastian Kneipp were recognized. Especially doctors found him controversial. However, the rules set out by Father Kneipp, his way of life and his way of healing, are just as important today as they were then.


The elegant dive into cold water: the plunge pool in the Hotel Cresta Palace, Celerina.One can still not imagine the wellness sector without the plunge pool and it continuous to be used by many people. However, we at KLAFS are always coming up with new ideas and we replaced the classic wooden tub traditionally used as a plunge pool years ago.

By using the KLAFS plunge pool variations, you enable your guests to experience the original Finnish after-sauna cooling off experience – the plunge into the icy lake – but of course in a much more comfortable manner, visually as well as physically.

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