Avantgarde dry floatation system Avantgarde dry floatation system


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Avantgarde dry floatation system

The Avantgarde dry floatation system lets the patient lie on a firm air cushion which creates the perfect support when body wraps are applied, such as fango, fango and paraffin, peloids or moor mud. The air cushion then gently lowers the patient onto a heated water cushion. This floating state relaxes the body, stimulates the circulation and opens the pores. The cushion cover and the removable blanket are both made of an odourless synthetic material which is pleasant to the touch. They can be washed at 90°C and are impervious to disinfectants. The surface is easy to clean, and the floatation system is heightadjustable* so it can be brought to the ideal working position for the practitioner. 

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