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JOUVENCE dry floatation system

The dry floatation system JOUVENCE has a surface which can be adapted to different treatment phases. At the beginning of the session, you rest on a solid cushion of air, which is the perfect foundation for a body wrap. Once the wrap has been applied, the cushion slowly releases air to lower you onto a pleasantly heated water cushion. By floating on the water cushion the body relaxes completely: the wraps develop their maximum effect. When the cushion of air rises again, your legs are supported and lifted first to stabilise and stimulate your circulation. Operating JOUVENCE is simple and intuitive thanks to the five keys on the edge of the bed. The removable blanket and fitted sheet for the cushion are odourless and impervious to water, oil and disinfectant. They can be washed at 90° C or steam-cleaned. The surface is wrinkle-free and easy to clean. The numerous functions that JOUVENCE offers all give you the feeling of being in the best of hands at every moment of the treatment session.

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