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HARMONY whirltub

 Elegant and luxurious bathtubs that are perfectly shaped and can be integrated smoothly into different planning concepts. Baths with salts and oils are a major component of the pampering programme in spas and wellness centres. While tranquillity and relaxation are the main considerations for an individual bath, a bath for two is a shared experience that should be celebrated in style. The HARMONY whirltub offers a variety of flexible application options – both for individual and for partner baths. When taking a bath for two, the users sit opposite each other. An integrated footrest provides support for individuals bathing alone. HARMONY cultivates the sensual bath experience: Whirlpool massages with numerous ergonomically shaped massage jets and the relaxing interplay of colours of the Starlight Effect* with its 146 light spots in eight different colours. HARMONY can be integrated easily into a variety of spaces and can be either installed as a free-standing unit or with a full or partial tiled tub surround. The tub is made of highquality acrylic glass which can be easily cleaned. HARMONY comes with an automatic rinsing feature that meets the highest standards of hygiene. Minimal noise levels make sure that a bath in HARMONY is an entirely relaxing experience. 

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