Arm and leg baths  Arm and leg baths


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Arm and leg baths

The perfect system for every kind of treatment. Unbescheiden offers an extensive range of systems and equipment for all common therapeutic treatments, including electrogalvanic arm and leg baths, jet contrast baths and jet whirl baths, Kneipp and Hauff leg and arm contrast baths as well as sitz baths. The automatic control functions of the arm and leg baths make things easier for the therapist. For example, the electrogalvanic treatments of the four-basin baths (model no. 0.9-4 and 0.9-5) with eight different current settings are controlled automatically. The system is easy to use and treatments can be selected from 12 pre-programmed options. The four-basin bath, arm and leg baths and the sitz baths consist of high-quality acrylic glass and are seamlessly shaped. Unbescheiden – the complete spectrum of classic hydrotherapy

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