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The super-soft spa table for extraordinary comfort.

  • narrow base lining for extra leg space
  • extendable head, foot and armrests
  • height, inclination, back and foot section electronically adjustable
  • lowerable armrests
  • tiltable headrest by +/- 30°
  • memory positions
  • PU upholstery
  • mechanically retractable castors
  • international voltages available
  • height: 58 cm – 91 cm
  • length: 199 cm
  • width: S 76 cm / M 85 cm / L 92 cm
  • lifting capacity: 250 kg
  • load capacity of the bed surface: 300 kg

Optional features:

  • Triple Airback technology: electro-pneumatic 3-zone lumbar support system in the upholstery
  • Smart-thermo heating: programmable heating system with automatic shut-down
  • IR hand-held remote control: wireless operation for control of the bed
  • Vibro-wellness: gentle vibration system with a range of different settings
  • Custom coloured upholstery with 2 maximum colours
  • PU or Ferrari Stamskin Top
  • Audio-relax headrest: with built-in speakers to connect to standard players
  • Metal components in custom colour (white, titanium or dark brown are standard)
  • Decorative surfaces from our collection (White and wenge are standard)
  • Foot switch with memory function: to control basic functions and memory positions

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