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Wonderful steam bath

Steam bath tradition meets modern design. Spectacular steam- and light staging in the centre for an unique, unforgettable bathing experience. High-gloss, deep blue wall and ceiling elements surrounded by a comfortable seating arrangement. Design meets detail - well thought design solutions:  Light, steam and water supply in a bundled unit.



  • A steam chimney as a design element with a bridge as a
  • central supply unit:
  • Integrated wash basin with water fitting (option)
  • Water hoses or fittings integrated in the                
  • Steam chimney on request
  • Ingenious illumination:
  • Ceramic ball as light and steam outlet
  • Additional features:
  • Dome with starry sky
  • D12 glass front, glass in anthracite (parsol grey) as privacy screen
  • Benches made of white solid surface material (Corian)
  • Steam outlet ball: a great feature for all solid steam baths!
  • Sizes: D 35 cm, D 45 cm and D 60 cm
  • Note:  If this ball is mounted near the steam bath wall  (wall and corner chimneys), please respect the required space of the ball.
  • Colours: grey, white and metallic (Special colours are only possible on request and for an extra charge.)
  • Available with and without illumination.
  • Ball can be removed from the bracket for better cleaning (screw connections).
  • Cleaning: Soft brush, commercial cleaning products, no acids, no alkalis.


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