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Fantastic infusion sauna

Archaic campfire atmosphere around a central heater. Ideal for infusion rituals. Spectacular, unique room setting through copper dome with lighting. In addition, copper dome reflects heater radiationinto the centre of the cabin. PROFI SI benches with different qualities of stay.


  • Copper dome built in segments
  • Visible diameter 240 cm
  • Illuminated cove with fibre lens spots
  • Copper patina
  • Naturally aged surface.
  • Authentic copper patina receives its final look after a while. If desired, the surface can be re-polished by the customer using a special polishing cloth
  • dome is a highlight for every SPA area
  • This Suspensions to the on-site ceiling are absolutely necessary.
  • The number and type of suspensions depend on the size of the dome.
  • The copper dome is a customised production. Basically it can  be manufactured in different diameters.

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