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This no longer means rustic, cavernous or dark. On the contrary:

The AURA Sauna exudes a feeling of cosy exclusivity and visual expansiveness. By combining continuous glass fronts with the option of finest hemlock wood, the sauna benches appear to float. The elegant sauna pendant light and soft sauna cushions create an inviting, lounge atmosphere. Pure cosiness meets modernity. At KLAFS, this interaction is also generated by innovation: New types of textiles, for example, which enable the hygienic use of cushions in the sauna and thus offer a supple alternative to traditional wooden headrests and backrests.


  • Intermediate sizes in 10:10 cm increments are available as standard.
  • Interior panelling on request also with horizontally arranged panels in hemlock, walnut or Swiss stone pine veneer.
  • Instead of sauna cushions and mats, optionally also available with headrest and backrest
  • The "floating" benches are also available in solid hemlock or walnut wood
  • Individuality: Our experts have designed tailor-made solutions for challenging spatial conditions and angled rooms.
  • Fittings and accessories: New, homely elements such as the MOLLIS sauna cushions and the elegant ROMEO pendant sauna light convey additional comfort.


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