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  • More than just hot air: warm bathing spaces from Klafs
  • Hamam in the KLAFS House of Sauna & Spa, Schwäbisch Hall
    Hamam in the KLAFS...
  • Brine bath - here, individually designed in glass for the VitaSol in Bad Salzuflen
    Brine bath - here,...
  • CALDARIUM by KLAFS at the Hotel Öschberghof
    CALDARIUM by KLAFS at...
  • Tepidarium with individual benches.
    Tepidarium with...
  • Roman style
    Roman style

More than just hot air: warm bathing spaces from Klafs

For more than 10,000 years, humans have been using hot and warm air rooms as well as steam rooms and water baths for more for warming and cleaning the body and for ritual purposes as well as prophylactic and therapeutic reasons. Today, nothing has changed.


The Hamam was developed during the Ottoman Empire as a place of regeneration, contemplation and inner peace. The aim of the Hamam is the physical and spiritual cleaning, letting go of the daily thoughts, loosening of joints and muscles and mental regeneration. It is split into two areas: the sweat and cleaning area (60 - 90 min) and the resting area (60 - 90 min).

Covered in a Hamam towel (Pestemal), you enter the Sogukluk, a room with a temperature of about 35 °C. Here, you laddle warm water over yourself to slowly increase your temperature.

Then you move into the Harara, the main sweating room. Here the temperature is 45 °C and the sweat glands really get working.

In the Lif, the soap room, you will receive a traditional soap-foam massage from the bath attendant, the Tallak. The massage is performed on the "hot stone", polished slab of granite (used to be marble). Your head becomes fresh and clear, the reddended skin feels soft and silky - like a newborn.

Brine cabin

Brine bath - here individually designed in glass for the VitaSol in Bad Salzuflen. Bathing in a brine cabin is not only very popular, but also health. Anybody who has inhaled salt water during a bout of flu knows the pleasant effect of the salt in combination with water and warmth. Salt keeps the mucous membranes moist and the skin soft.

A brine cabin is a warm air bath filled with vaporised brine. And another 5 % brine flows over a graduation tower and fills the air with fine salt crystals.

For many, the particularly low bathing temperatures of between 35 - 38 °C and the relatively low humidity are the ideal conditions for relaxing.


The intensive warmth in the caldarium penetrates into the body and activates the blood flow. Some people speak of a fever sweat bath. Muscle tension relaxes, the skin becomes smoother, stress is reduced, limb and joint pain is reduced. Ideal conditions for people who want to avoid extreme strain or are looking for deep relaxation.

The CALDARIUM is heated to a pleasant, individually set temperature. For relaxing, a body temperature of 30 to 40 °C. For sweating and purging 50 to 60 °C. Humidity levels are a low 20 % and the air temperature is lower than the wall temperature. In this way, a long stay becomes pleasant.   


For the Roman bathing culture, the TEPIDARIUM had a central role. The magnificent thermal baths were dominated by the architectural design of the TEPIDARIUM, an appealing variation of the CALDARIUMS.

The speciality of the TEPIDARIUM is the regular and pleasant radiation warmth emitted from the stone walls, floors, seating and reclining surfaces.

The TEPIDARIUM with its radiant warmth, temperatures of between 37 and 39 °C and its ergonomically formed individual loungers is the ideal place for warming up or for regenerating. Depending on the bathers wishes, the individual loungers can be heated to different pleasant temperatures. The air humidity is around 20 %, the air temperature can be up to 15 °C below the temperature of the walls and seats.


The LACONIUM is a dry sweating room. As with the TEPIDARIUM, the warmth radiates evenly from the stone walls, floors, seating and reclining surfaces. In contrast to the TEPIDARIUM, the temperatures are a lot higher at 60 °C. The body starts sweating slowly but intensly.

A sweating session in the LACONIUM is a recommendable alternative for people who find the heat of the traditional sauna, 90 °C and higher, simply too hot. The humidity is around 15 - 20 %

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