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  • SMARTSAUNA® in spruce
    SMARTSAUNA® in spruce
  • Interior view
    Interior view


A sauna that doesn’t need its own four walls: in terms of dimensions, the SMARTSAUNA® is Klafs smallest cabin. Where it really comes into its own, though, is in the way it reflects the spirit of the times. Straightforward self-assembly, pre-installed technology and convenient power socket connection for saunas of up to 2 × 1.4 metres means it can be fitted in any room in two to three hours, and just as easily packed away and taken with you when you move house. For all those wishing to save money yet still take home a high-end product featuring perfect workmanship, elegant design and state-of-the-art technology. This makes it an ideal introductory model for anyone aspiring to rapid relaxation in these fast-moving times.

SMARTSAUNA® not only offers impressively compact dimensions but also plenty of scope for you to design your own personal version just the way you want it. For instance, according to personal taste, the attractive internal cladding can be done either in Scandinavian spruce or light aspen wood, and you can also choose between a classic sauna or the extra variety offered by the SOFTCLIMA heater, with its additional SOFT STEAM BATH feature. A range of different floor plan options are also available, as the SMARTSAUNA® comes not only in a variety of different rectangular sizes, but also with a five-sided floor plan. So many options, but just one goal: relaxation that exceeds your expectations.

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