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  • HOME sauna
  • With five-sided floor plan and external cladding in spruce
    With five-sided floor...
  • Hemlock interior cladding, LUMA sauna light
    Hemlock interior...

HOME sauna

The perfect introduction to the world of saunas: The durable construction and harmonious design of the KLAFS HOME sauna is a real eye-catcher, and it is one of the most reasonably priced RAL-tested saunas on the market. The high-quality fittings come as standard, and the extensive range of accessories are a captivating adjunct to the high level of quality. The HOME is suitable for self-assembly by keen DIY’ers.

Casting a glance around the interior of the HOME sauna, what first meets your eye is the high-quality internal cladding, fully fitted in Scandinavian spruce or hemlock to provide a particularly pleasant bathing climate. Ergonomic backrests, rounded mouldings and the LUMA sauna lamp are all pleasing to the eye, and a mere glance at the wide benches with their back- and headrests suffices to imagine the comfort of actually lying on them. Less immediately apparent is the ample stone capacity of the PLURIS sauna heater, which features solid wood protectors and is certified by the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies(VDE). That capacity can be felt, though, as the heater always provides the optimum sauna climate and is easy to regulate via the electronic control unit. To make life even more agreeable, opt for the extra features of theSANARIUM with SaunaPUR® or a SOFTCLIMA heater.

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