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  • PREMIUM sauna
  • Hemlock internal cladding with SANARIUM® BONATHERM VS
    Hemlock internal...
  • SOFTLINE hemlock external panelling/cladding
    SOFTLINE hemlock...
  • MAJUS SANARIUM® heater, SUNSET indirect lighting
  • Towel warmer
    Towel warmer
  • OLYMP sauna lamp
    OLYMP sauna lamp
  • Mirror


The model where your individual taste is the measure of all things. With the KLAFS PREMIUM sauna, the word ‘premium’ refers not just to the high-quality sauna cabin but also to its owner’s individual sense of style. The PREMIUM sauna’s great adaptability is apparent even from the outside at first glance.

Whether you’re looking for a four-sided, five-sided or circular floor plan, or maybe a sauna to fit into a recess, under a sloping roof or in the basement, we can offer a size to fit any space. The wide range of external cladding options means you can create a sauna to perfectly suit your individual taste. And the PREMIUM sauna conjures a truly authentic effect when combined with our SANARIUM plus SaunaPUR®, also available as the BONATHERM VS under-bench system. Meanwhile, 100 kg of olivine stones and the SaunaPUR® join forces to create a superbly pleasant and relaxing sauna experience. Or simply choose one of the other bathing options – like an aroma or tropical bath. Either way, you’re sure to re-emerge feeling totally refreshed.

The PREMIUM sauna’s high-quality standard equipment includes ergonomically designed head- and backrests, cover panels between the benches, and footrests to allow easy access to the benches. These can be augmented by the optional design package, comprising a pitched roof, special corner strips, a striking door handle and OLYMP lamps, while a wide array of optional extras such as storage shelves, mirrors and towel hooks enable you to design your sauna to your precise individual tastes.


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