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  • LOUNGE sauna
  • Hemlock internal panel cladding, SANARIUM® heater MAJUS
    Hemlock internal panel...
  • LOUNGE sauna in hemlock with large glass front
    LOUNGE sauna in...
  • LOUNGE sauna with genuine wenge wood veneer external cladding, glass corner and TOUCHCONTROL
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LOUNGE sauna

 When planning the LOUNGE sauna, Klafs'design team focused on the highest possible interior and exterior design quality standards. They came up with a blend of elegant and practical, aimed at showing you how great it can be to work up a sweat. However, to make your LOUNGE truly unique, you can draw on an array of useful extras – for instance, equipping the cabin with SANARIUM plus SaunaPUR®or the TOUCHCONTROL control unit.

Your input is needed for the external design of the LOUNGE sauna. Choose from a range of doors and windows, and you can also design the room-high external cladding to your own personal taste. Shelves, storage racks and towel hooks provide you with further opportunities to make an individual mark. In the interior, though, we have taken these decisions for you, as clean lines, simple elegance and consummate workmanship set the scene. A Zen-inspired interior ensures a relaxing ambience despite the many exciting innovations on display. Benches seemingly floating on air. Backrests featuring mitre-cut corners. Avant-garde headrests made of a single piece of wood. Other features include an elegant door handle and a lamp crafted from wood and glass, as well as the additional BELLAVEDA fittings. The harmonious coordination of these many elements conjures a mood of calm equilibrium amply augmented by the high-grade technology on display.

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