LOUNGE Q sauna


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  • LOUNGE Q sauna
  • LOUNGE Q with SANARIUM and SaunaPUR®, interior cladding with horizontal hemlock panelling
  • SUNSET indirect lighting and STARRY SKY POLAR promote full relaxation
    SUNSET indirect...

LOUNGE Q sauna

This sauna is always pleasing to the eye and, most importantly, it guarantees a pleasant sauna experience. One feature worthy of note is the LOUNGE Q’s interior cladding with horizontal hemlock panelling which gives the interior a particularly high-quality character.

Only one thing could make the LOUNGE even more stylish: your own four walls. Klafs mean that quite literally. On request they will be happy to integrate the sauna into your own spatial surroundings in a completely individual manner. The glass-fronted version illustrated above has been amalgamated with an existing natural-stone wall, thus blending harmoniously into the ambient setting. Whatever your home’s architectural style, we are confident that the LOUNGE Q will enhance your living space.

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