PURE sauna


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  • PURE sauna
  • PURE bench furnishing, SUNSET indirect lighting and COLOURED LIGHT with LIFTLIGHT
    PURE bench furnishing,...
  • Genuine wood veneer panelling with horizontal boards of solid hemlock
    Genuine wood veneer...

PURE sauna

Klafs' PURE sauna lives up to its name. The simple elegance of the puristic cabin design radiates a promise of well-being from the first glance. The outer cladding in white high-gloss varnish integrates stylishly into any setting, while the sizeable all-glass door allows not only your thoughts but also your gaze to wander far and wide as you take a sauna. The PURE’s interior matches the elegance of the exterior in every respect. The narrow horizontally fitted boards and indirect lighting serve to further enhance the refinement of the top-quality hemlock wall panelling.

The aesthetic elegance of the KLAFS PURE sauna has not only won the hearts of many bathers, it also caught the attention of the iF product design awards jury. Klafs are particularly proud of the PURE sauna’s nomination for the 2011 German Design Award. However, the PURE is not the only award-winning KLAFS sauna. 

If you fancy enjoying a little beauty treatment as you bask in your award-winning design sauna, on request we will be glad to install the COLOURED LIGHT option, which includes the skin-toning LIFTLIGHT feature. For relaxation you can see as well as feel.

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