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  • Empire solid wood sauna
  • Made of solid Karelian spruce, the EMPIRE sauna has a particularly natural look. The wood’s vivid grain is extremely pleasing to the eye.
    Made of solid Karelian...
  • Smooth, knot-free Canadian hemlock is a truly high-class product which transforms any sauna into a natural wonder in miniature.
    Smooth, knot-free...
  • Lattice windows
    Lattice windows

Empire solid wood sauna

For the most exacting relaxation requirements. The KLAFS EMPIRE is an impressive demonstration of the benefits of solid wood construction. Made completely from a single type of wood, from the first glance, it brings a breath of Finnish authenticity into your home. Its clean, aesthetic lines and generous proportions promise a unique wellness experience, which is sure to place the EMPIRE at the heart of your health and fitness programme. It is available in every conceivable size and layout, and our experts are capable of installing it in virtually any space, where it will make a bold statement about its owner’s superb taste. The selected woods Klafs use, Karelian spruce and Canadian hemlock, are extremely resistant to climatic variation, guaranteeing that you will be enjoying your EMPIRE for decades to come.

The EMPIRE sauna has received the Blue Angel environmental seal for both its spruce and hemlock variants. Inside, stylish mouldings and the cosy light of the LUMA sauna lamp create an authentic sauna feeling, while the 30 kg of olivine stone packed into the compact PLURIS SOFTCLIMA heater generate a gentle, radiant heat. To ensure that nothing remains to be desired in terms of aesthetics or comfort, the EMPIRE sauna offers an interior design package replete with special features, such as an attractive pitched roof and corner supports plus mitre-cut sauna benches with elegant back- and headrests. The finishing touches on this superbly handsome solid wood sauna come in the form of lovingly detailed lattice windows and the graduated ceiling decor. For an authentically Finnish sauna bathing experience – whenever you please.

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