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  • All-Generation COMFORT sauna
  • The lower sauna bench can easily be reached without climbing any steps. Indirect lighting provides additional orientation.
    The lower sauna bench...
  • Handrail for secure access
    Handrail for secure...

All-Generation COMFORT sauna

A sauna suitable for all ages: The All-Generation COMFORT sauna meets the needs of the whole family, from children to people who may be coping with age-related mobility restrictions. The COMFORT is timeless in design, yet it satisfies every expectation of a stylish sauna.
On the outside, handrails along the front of the cabin facilitate secure access, while also harmonising both visually and in tactile terms with the high-class cabin design. The newly developed door handle offers ergonomically optimised grip and combines with the handrail to provide a continuous railing around the cabin.

Inside the sauna, handrails along the cabin walls act like stair banisters to assist in climbing from the lower area by the door to the extra-deep bench which is ideal for comfortable sitting. Getting onto the first bench level is also made easier by the lower step heights, while the lowest sitting level is little more than ground height and can be reached without climbing any steps. To improve the view within the cabin, there are numerous lighting elements, and indirect SUNSET sauna lighting is also available on request to improve the view of the handrails, steps and lower bench level.

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