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  • PROTEO design sauna
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PROTEO design sauna

he KLAFS PROTEO design sauna serves as a permanent reminder of how fantastic taking a sauna can be. Even from the outside, the view through the glass door and large window hints at the pleasures that await inside. Translucent shelf doors in salmon pink or green serve to further highlight the open impression created by this design sauna.

The interior panelling of the PROTEO design sauna is made entirely of hemlock wood, while parts of the walls and ceiling are in the avant-garde panel design, thus elegantly delimiting them from the rest of the interior. The addition of the STARRY SKY POLAR provides a suitably atmospheric finishing touch to this design sauna.

Thanks to its striking styling, the PROTEO design sauna graces various design books with its presence. Your creative contribution to the process is to choose between aspen wood, hemlock and Zebrano veneer for the external panelling and to make your selection from the various glass and mirror units. And of course find a suitable setting.


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