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  • CHARISMA design sauna
  • The shower area with its elegant glass mosaic walls
    The shower area with...
  • The design sauna sunroof
    The design sauna sunroof
  • LOUNGE benches fitted inside
    LOUNGE benches fitted...

CHARISMA design sauna

All Klafs' design saunas fit harmoniously into their allotted space. With the CHARISMA, they have gone a step further and integrated the shower area. Without taking up excess space, this design sauna with its semi-open shower area significantly enhances its surroundings.

What first meets the eye are the soft, aesthetic lines: a boldly designed, protruding door area, an extra-wide glass door and beautiful windows allowing streams of light to penetrate the interior. There are comfortable sauna benches with ergonomically formed back- and headrests. And the various external storage shelves and other practical details offer further convenience. Design elements such as the door handle and the solid wood towel railing create a harmonious overall impression. On request, a sunroof can be installed in the graduated dome, flooding the sauna with natural light. A selection of wood veneers is available for the exterior design, affording you the opportunity to display your own individual taste.

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