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  • TALO outdoor sauna
  • Anteroom with panorama window and view of the sauna
    Anteroom with panorama...
  • TALO outdoor sauna with terrace
    TALO outdoor sauna...

TALO outdoor sauna

Of all wellness treatments, the sauna is among the most natural, and a KLAFS TALO outdoor sauna will enhance that feeling of authenticity. Taking a sauna in your own garden is not just good for your health, it also enhances the relaxation effect. Amid these natural surroundings, you’ll gain a new appreciation for your garden as the seasons gradually change.

The TALO variant with anteroom makes sauna bathing a real pleasure. Particularly in winter, it means you won’t get cold feet. Thanks to the various different layouts and grid sizes, there will be a sauna to suit your own garden. TALO’s contemporary design offers everything a modern outdoor sauna should have, from excellent thermal insulation for minimal energy loss to the use of high-quality materials, especially for the external panelling. Made of Siberian larch, it is highly durable and capable of withstanding any weather conditions. An interior drainage system invisibly drains rainwater from the flat roof. All you have to do now is choose the right spot in your garden for your well-earned R & R.

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