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  • BIORHYTHM private edition design sauna
  • Interior slat cladding plus two body-shaped benches
    Interior slat cladding...
  • Integrated raponsing flap between the sauna benches
    Integrated raponsing...

BIORHYTHM private edition design sauna

Relaxation is vital, so the place designated for this purpose should be calm and peaceful.  It is not only its extravagant appearance that makes the BIORHYTHM PRIVATE EDITION design sauna something truly special; the fact that it is being made in a limited edition of just 111 makes the relaxation it affords more desirable than ever.

The BIORHYTHM PRIVATE EDITION is the work of designer and interior architect Nik Schweiger, creator of the spa and conference landscape at Frankfurt’s five-star Roomers Hotel. His notion of ‘Biorhythm – Modern Recreation’ is reflected in every aspect of the sauna. The materials combine with form and light to present a holistic overall concept wherein the sauna’s organic lines and softly flowing transitions flatter the human body like no other. The slat design of the outer cladding make the cabin truly unique in appearance, while the interior seems carved from a single block of wood and – along with the two body-shaped benches – perfectly attuned to the shape of the human body as well as to our need for deep-seated relaxation.

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