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  • InfraPLUS infrared extra
  • Adjustable backrest with several settings
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InfraPLUS infrared extra

A little warmth is often the best prescription. The beneficial, relaxing and pain-alleviating effects of targeted heat treatment for the back region have been known for many years. With InfraPLUS, infrared radiation warms the back in highly intensive fashion. This makes InfraPLUS an excellent complement to your sauna and SANARIUM®. And now it makes even more sense since KLAFS has integrated Physiotherm’s SensoCare infrared heating technology into its saunas, meaning you no longer need an additional cabin to house it.

InfraPLUS: sauna bench becomes a seat

Feeling good at the press of a button: you choose between the three settings soft, medium and intensive. Then the program starts as soon as you lean back. To ensure that the infrared source can bring its beneficial effects fully to bear, four SensoCare sensors fitted in the infrared heater monitor your skin temperature contact-free throughout the program, all the while gently and fully automatically adjusting the beam’s intensity to your body heat. Thanks to the sauna heater, the cabin can always be rapidly warmed up to a comfortable temperature of between 27°C and 35°C for even the briefest infrared session. To ensure a comfortable sitting position even on the deepest sauna benches, the backrest has several forward adjustment settings.  And when you are not using the actual infrared program but the sauna, you can just sit back and enjoy the comfortable seat. The patented low-temperature ceramic heater is of such high quality that we give you a lifetime guarantee on the appliance. Of course it also comfortably satisfies the requirements for the RAL quality mark for infrared cabins, so nothing stands in the way of your complete relaxation and peace of mind.

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