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Steam baths

Steam is a universal force. It drives locomotives, presses suits, and gives coffee a frothy head. With all these modern applications, we often forget a much more ancient use of steam: it can enhance our well-being like practically no other medium. In pure, simple and correspondingly impressive fashion, Klafs' steam baths and showers make this effect clear. Over the following pages, you can discover Klafs' range of steam bath models. As the warm clouds of the steam bath envelop you, a feeling of bliss is sure to descend. This feeling is so pronounced that we hardly need mention their many health benefits in order to spark interest in our steam baths. After all, various other wellness applications also alleviate rheumatic pain, relieve respiratory problems and improve the complexion. However, perhaps no other treatment exerts its curative effects in such pleasant fashion. And if you do not have much space to spare, that does not mean abandoning the dream of owning your own steam bath. That is because KLAFS steam showers concentrate maximum pleasure into the smallest of spaces, making them ideal for cramped surroundings.

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