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  • D12 Steam Bath
  • The transient hues of the coloured light feature create many different colour moods
    The transient hues of...
  • Glass door with sophisticated impact-resistant edge
    Glass door with...
  • D12 Oro Nero steam bath
    D12 Oro Nero steam bath
  • Interior view with detachable shower head
    Interior view with...

D12 Steam Bath

Living room or feel-good room? Klafs makes no distinction. The glass-fronted D12 steam bath creates a fluid transition between the wellness and living areas. At first glance it holds out the promise of boundless relaxation, and on closer inspection the array of finer details entice you to take many a lingering steam bath. One example is the seat coverings in the finest teak, but if you prefer them in natural stone or stoneware, that can also be arranged.

Its handsome looks are not the only thing that makes the KLAFS D12 steam bath the perfect complement to your home. Thanks to its innovative modular design, the cabin size and seating layout can be varied. The elegant detachable shower head and ceiling spotlights blend as harmoniously into the interior as the newly developed PSI steam inlet, while the integrated KLAFS GREEN STEAM package ensures that you can also have a clear conscience on the environmental front. Further stand-out features are optional indirect lighting with colour changes and our STARRY SKY POLAR. Small wonder that nobody wants to hide this steam bath away.

D12 Steam Bath Oro Nero and Argentio Bianco

A strong design for gentle recuperation. The D12 Oro Nero is a powerful design variant of the modular glass D12 steam bath created by the team of designers led by Henssler and Schultheiss. The steam bath’s minimalist design concept is largely shaped by the severely geometric structures and the materials used – glass, aluminium and stone. A gold floral pattern on a black background strikes a contrast to this. A contrast that lends the D12 Oro Nero its own unique character. A plainer version is of course also available, with a restrained anthracite-coloured rear wall. Or go for the Argento Bianco design variant of the D12, which comes with silver and blue decor.

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