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  • MATTEO THUN Edition Steam Bath
  • Shielded from the outside world – a safe haven that resembles our time in the womb.
    Shielded from the...
  • View inside the steam bath: The floating bench is illuminated by an indirect light source.
    View inside the steam...

MATTEO THUN Edition Steam Bath

“Two perfect retreats, two cocoons. Shielded from the outside world and yet with a view onto it – a safe haven that resembles our time in the womb. Two simple designs: clean lines and cubist volumes. Intimacy and absolute tranquillity. No distracting features or visible technology impair your relaxation.”

Purity in pleasure. White: the colour of innocence and purity. An authentic steam bath is made of white marble. And glass. Just like this one. The matt-glass front captivates the eye with its interplay of large opalescent spaces and slender strips through which to view the outside world; this creates a fascinating transparency. The back sections of the side walls and the rear wall are designed in a moisture-resistant quartz agglomerate with horizontal millings which pick up on the graphic design of the glass front. A room within a room.

Heavenly, including the light. Creating heaven on earth was the vision, as we may divine from the lighting concept. The lamps are embedded in the ceiling, thus conjuring a sense of sunlight streaming into the room. An additional indirect light source illuminates the rear wall.


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