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  • The D12 Vario Onsen bath
  • Showering in the morning or to cool off after a steam bath
    Showering in the...
  • Relaxed bathing in the D12 Vario Onsen bath
    Relaxed bathing in the...
  • Interior view with ornamental leaf design decor
    Interior view with...

The D12 Vario Onsen bath

The D12 Vario Onsen bath from KLAFS allows you to experience five forms of bathing at once – and all in a small, elegant space. The D12 Vario is a true all-rounder in its use of water, and it fits perfectly into any wellness area or private spa.

Bathtub and onsen bath

The Onsen bath is a form of bathing that originated in Japan. Onsen (‘hot spring’) means a public bathing area supplied by a hot, volcanic spring which wreathes bathers in gentle clouds of steam. The D12 Vario seeks to recreate this bathing experience with its multiple benefits: it stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism, relaxes and strengthens, helps to relax the muscles, and the buoyancy of the warm water also takes the strain off your joints.

Steam bath

In addition to bathing in a tub, you can also simply enjoy a steam bath in the D12 Vario. It is not only during the cold part of the year that the humid warmth of the bathroom has a variety of beneficial effects on our well-being. And to make your session even more stimulating, a coloured light feature is integrated into the ceiling to create any colour mood you like in the D12 Vario. To transform the bathroom into a multi-sensory well-being zone, just add a matching scent.

Horizontal shower

The extensive shower area above the reclining area provides Kneipp-like floods of cold or hot water. Three programs combining different water temperatures and volumes are available: equilibrium, invigorating and relaxing.

Shower and cooling off

Whether for washing or cooling off after a sauna or steam bath, the shower is an integral part of any spa experience. The rapid cooling off not only invigorates you, it ensures that your dilated blood vessels contract again. And of course fitting a D12 Vario in your bathroom means you have no need for a separate shower.


The bathtub’s seat panel is easy to shift. Whether you want a horizontal shower, a footbath or to relax in the tub, the bath can be converted for your favourite bathing program in a flash. The restrained colours and elegant silvery floral decor of the Argento Bianco D12 Vario design variant make a timeless statement, thus delivering traditional relaxation the stylish way.

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