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HOMBRE steam bath

The allure of bathing in clouds of steam takes on particularly tangible, not to mention beautiful, form in our solid-construction steam baths. These steam baths are fully clad in high-quality materials, and we can adapt them to your wishes and to the specific installation situation in a wide variety of ways. The HOMBRE model, for example, comes in many different floor plans. It is fitted out with elegant stoneware and can be further enhanced by the addition of beautiful, practical and convenient extras like the splendid STARRY SKY, an automated aroma system and the innovative TOUCHCONTROL unit. You can add further variety to your bathing experience in the form of the steam-blast feature: at the press of a button, jets of air impel the rising steam from the upper reaches of the cabin back towards your body, mimicking the effect of intensive raponsing in a sauna.

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