customised steam baths


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Customised steam bath

All Klafs' steam baths, whether in acrylic, ceramic or natural stone, can be adapted to suit your individual wishes. As you make your decisions, Klafs' experts will be with you every step of the way offering advice and practical support. They will be happy to explain such things as the magical atmosphere generated by the STARRY SKY feature and our gemstone decor. Or why high humidity and the relatively low temperatures of 43 to 46ºC are so good for rheumatic pains and respiratory disorders. Or that Klafs' solid-construction steam baths come on request with heated flooring and benches, and that the steam can also be infused with the scent of passion fruit or mango. And they will also explain how the sophisticated technology ensures an optimum climate, and how the moist heat will do a world of good for your complexion. It’s sure to bring your ideal bathing experience a whole lot closer.

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