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  • Steam showers
  • Valley steam shower interior.With RAINMAKER and illuminated recess.
    Valley steam shower...
  • QUADRANO steam shower
    QUADRANO steam shower

Steam showers

Steam showers from KLAFS concentrate maximum pleasure into the smallest of spaces. Nor do you miss out on the materials or design front: from glass mosaic to stoneware or natural stone, no limits are placed on your design wishes. Their space-saving inbuilt technology opens up unimagined sizes and wide-ranging possibilities, whether you are looking to cool off after a sauna or give your circulation a good kick-start.

Valley steam shower

The Valley steam shower can be completely custom-fitted in your bathroom and offers ample room for two people. Steam showers meeting the most exacting design requirements. On request we can supply the VALLEY steam shower from KLAFS fitted with a foldaway wooden seat, an illuminated niche and the RAINMAKER feature.

Mosaic steam showers

In the KLAFS MOSAIK steam shower, no limits are set on your colour ideas. You are spoilt for choice: which colour is it going to be for your steam shower? Create a focal point in your bathroom with the MOSAIC steam shower. With illuminated recess and touch screen steam bath control unit.

Quadrano steam shower

The QUADRANO steam shower is made completely of strong easy-care acrylic glass panels in elegant white and is fitted with a body-friendly broad seating area and a high-quality hand shower. Thanks to the shower tray with integrated drain, it is easy to install in existing facilities.

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