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Thanks to the new KLAFS GREEN STEAM package, which hey are now including in every steambath, you can relax your concerns about the energy balance and fully enjoy every bath. KLAFS GREEN STEAM is an energy-saving package for KLAFS steambaths that reduces the energy demands. Using STEAMIX and OPTISTEAM, the steam is finely mix with fresh air and aromatic fragrance (for the Mk5 evaporator) before being passed through the cabin. In combination with our ventilation system, we have optimised the use of energy and steam formation.

1. The innovative AGW construction equals durability, low energy use and a smart appearance.
2. Oxygen feeding into the humid-warm air.
3. Aromatic scent flows through the scent line.
4. STEAMIX: this is where steam and fresh air are mixed.
5. The temperature sensor maintains the steam supply.
6. OPTISTEAM - ensuring an intelligent air circulation inside the sauna and a steady steam supply.
7. Exhaust air ventilation for larger air channel lengths.

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