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ACT Ergometer

High-quality bicycle parts combined with quality materials: The ACT-209 and ACT-210 ergometers from KLAFS combine ambitious home exercise with the highest standards of design. Their minimalist design fits perfectly into every stylish living environment. And no power connection or cable detracts from their appearance because you yourself generate the power needed to run the control unit and for radio transmission of data via the inbuilt generator. Whereas the ACT-209 has its own exercise computer with LED-backlit touch screen monitor, the ACT-210 is operated via a smartphone or tablet.

Tablets and smartphones have become a permanent companion for many of us. They are becoming more and more stylish, elaborate and above all more diverse. So why not use your mobile device as an exercise computer?  With the ACT-210 ergometer and the associated KLAFS app, your smartphone or tablet becomes a convenient control unit which you can use to access preset training programs or configure your own individual programs. The app also allows you to keep an eye on your physical data and training performance throughout the workout. While doing so, you will also be able to use all your other smartphone or tablet functions as usual, and if you feel the need for a change, you can simply read one of your e-books, surf the Internet or watch a video. All training data is simultaneously and continually transferred from your ergometer to your tablet by Wi-Fi and is available for you to evaluate at any time. Naturally, the ACT-210 ergometer can also be operated in manual mode without a tablet via the control panel fitted in the aluminium pedestal.

Both ACT ergometers are fitted with a gymnasium-quality induction braking system and high-quality SFK ball bearings for smooth running and a long service life. Saddle, handlebars and support feet can all be adjusted individually, and all bicycle components are replaceable, so individual items – such as the handlebars, front structure, handles, saddle plus seat post and adjustment mechanism and the pedals – can easily be exchanged for your preferred model. The controls allow you to set 32 different resistance levels, five hill programs with fixed time settings and also five cardio programs with the Polar W.I.N.D. chest strap which is supplied with the ergometers. The ACT ergometers also increase or decrease their level if your heart rate becomes too high or too low.

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