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  • The GREEN SAUNA Package Professional

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  • Sauna with Klafs Klima-manager
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  • The patented Klafs humidity sensor which measures humidity and temperature as well as carbonmonoxid alcohol
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  • Klafs Ecoplus thermo ceiling
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  • Potencial energy savings of an element sauna with Klafs Ecoplus thermal ceiling
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The GREEN SAUNA Package Professional

Save energy and costs with the green sauna package professional

The GREEN SAUNA Package Professional consists of two components:
One component is the KLAFS KLIMA-MANAGER, the other the EcoPlus Thermal Ceiling. Together, they ensure that the fresh air supply is maintained under all conditions and, at the same time, they reduce the energy loss via the ceiling and walls.

What is the Klafs Klima-Manager?

The KLIMA-MANAGER is part of the sauna control unit and is installed in the sauna room. Once the air quality drops because of an infusion or because the number of people in the room changes, then the KLIMA-MANAGER regulates the rotation speed of the ventilator or the output of the flap adjustment motor, which continuously influences the sauna ventilation via the damper. This creates a constant air quality inside the sauna despite changing conditions.

The requirement that the air quality inside the sauna room showed be maintained despite different occupancy, brought the idea of connecting the air quality to CO2 levels and, thereby, making it dependent on the respiration air. But tests in the KLAFS development labs showed that a CO2 sensor reacted too late. It increased the air flow only after the air quality declined. Therefore, it became necessary to look for a more sensitive sensor.  

The KLIMA-MANAGER used by KLAFS is similar to the high-quality sensors used in cars to regulate the interior climate. It measures the air quality based on the water carbon compounds, the CO level and the amount of alcohols in the air. In addition, the KLAFS KLIMA-MANAGER measures the humidity (important for the room climate due to the infusions) and the air temperature. If threshold values are crossed, the air exchange figure for the sauna room is adapted automatically.

Which cost-savings does the Klima-manager achieve in the spa area?

The patented technology of the KLIMA-MANAGER creates not only a good indoor climate, it also reduces the operating costs. The cost-saving potential is dependent on the size of the space and the rate of use. In smaller cabins, the KLIMA-MANAGER can achieve a saving potential of up to 29 % of the used energy, for larger saunas it can be up to 34 %.

What is the Ecoplus thermal ceiling?

The EcoPlus Thermal Ceiling is a sauna cabin ceiling with extra thick insulation so as to prevent heat loss. The sauna ceiling is built with a double frame construction and a reinforced insulation and prevents unnecessary heat loss. This ensures an optimum use of the heat energy in your cabin and reduces the heating up phase.

Which cost-saving does the ecoplus thermal ceiling achieve in the spa area?

With an average size sauna cabin, you can save up to 300 EUR per year with the EcoPlus Thermal Ceiling.

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