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  • SANARIUM with saunaPUR
  • The SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® transforms one sauna into five
    The SANARIUM with...
  • Bathing procedure with SaunaPUR®
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  • Blood pressure brought under control by two sessions a week in the SANARIUM® over a ten-week period
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SANARIUM with saunaPUR

Every one of us is special and has earned a special means of relaxation. Why not pursue your personal wishes and needs, your individual kind of relaxation and create some unique moments of well-being with the patented SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® from KLAFS? It transforms one sauna into five: a classic sauna, a warm air bath, a tropical bath, an aroma bath and a soft steam bath. You simply choose the climate zone which suits your present mood, and the SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® will automatically adjust the humidity and temperature to your precise requirements.

Relaxation individually interpreted: The SANARIUM with SAUNAPUR

The relaxation offered by the SANARIUM® is not only extremely pleasant but also has a proven health benefit. Regular SANARIUM® sessions train the cardiovascular system and provide effective prevention of colds. Furthermore, the circulation-boosting climate in the SANARIUM® can reduce high blood pressure and alleviate circulatory disorders. Across the board, studies have shown that the SANARIUM®has a positive effect on the immune system. The skin, our largest organ, also benefits from this top-of-the-range beauty treatment, being cleansed, purified and simultaneously enriched with nutrients and minerals.

In fact, the SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® can add even more variety to your well-being programme in the form of an scent cup with which to fill the cabin with fragrance and allow essential oils to permeate the cabin and exert a beneficial effect on your airways. Meanwhile, the speaker fitted in the humidity sensor will treat you as and when desired to soothing natural sounds or tranquil acoustic music. Ten compositions created specially for the SANARIUM® by renowned acoustic artist Shantiprem have been recorded onto the control panel. And for all those wanting to get as close as possible to sauna bathing in its original form, the SaunaPUR® function is just what you’ve been looking for: between 80 and 85°C the heater switches off, leading to gentle radiant heat and allowing intensive raponsing. The Finns would say, ‘Löyly.’ We would say, ‘It’s great that the SaunaPUR® button exists.”

Sauna bathing in a SANARIUM® is a particularly gentle and pleasant experience, and the controls are very easy to use and will not interrupt your relaxation. Simply fill the SANARIUM with SaunaPUR® with water, and the humidity and temperature will adjust automatically to your desired bathing climate – before you know it, you will be transported to the climate zone of your dreams. And you can also infuse the cabin with life-enhancing fragrances during bathing, a soothing luxury offered for instance by the MAJUS upright heater and its scent cup. The latest-generation MAJUS not only has an attractively elegant, sleek design, it also features the convenient turbo heat function to heat up your sauna extra fast. Several other heaters are also available, and almost all models can be fitted with the benefits of the exclusive SANARIUM® system developed by KLAFS. Thus, for instance, individual moments of relaxation are offered by the compact PLURIS SOFTCLIMA heater as well as by the BONATHERM under-bench heating system. Whichever model you opt for to aid your enjoyment of the SANARIUM with SaunaPUR®, a unique mode of relaxation awaits you.


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