Infrared cabin


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Infrared cabin

An interesting addition to the traditional and much-loved sauna and steam baths in wellness facility is the infrared heat cabin.

Warmth is one of the oldest methods of healing known to people. Anybody who cherishes the gentle warming of the body with mild radition warmth, will enjoy the well-thought out KLAFS infrared cabin: unseen but effective, the infrared heating system is integrated into the walls of the cabin. The long wave infrared-C-radition are especially gentle and soothing for the body.

KLAFS infrared heat cabins create a positive "allround warmth" at 35 to 40 °C with the following effects:

  • Core body temperature heat increase as a health precaution
  • Relief for the kidneys
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Improving the peripherial circulation
  • Increased pulse frequence
  • Increasing the flow characteristics of the blood
  • Expansion of the peripherial vessels
  • Improved blood circulation in the skin and therefore better supply of oxygen and nutrients

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