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Stiff breeze in the face. Water lapping around your feet. Your lips tasting of salt. A stay by the seaside simply does you good. Not just for the soul but, more than anything else, for your respiratory system.

Because of this, people with respiratory complaints draw particular benefit from the Microsalt treatment. This involves patented technology whereby salt is ground into microscopically fine particles and introduced into a room – producing a healthy microclimate imbued with a dry salt aerosol. When you breathe in, unlike conventional salt-based applications, the tiny salt particles penetrate your entire respiratory tract, from the nose to the sinuses, the throat area and on into the deepest recesses of the lungs, exerting a beneficial effect throughout.

Medical research


Inhalation treatments in natural salt caves (Speleotherapy) have been known since long.

The efficacy of Speleotherapy is associated with the unique cave microclimate. The natural dry sodium chloride aerosol is the major curative factor of the cave microclimate. Other factors such as comfortable temperature and humidity regime, enhance the therapeutic effect.


  • Dry salt aerosol possesses powerful moisture-binding properties, thus helping deep-seated secretions within your respiratory system to loosen more readily.
  • Dry salt aerosol has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.
  • Dry salt aerosol stimulates the removal of mucus and dirt from the respiratory system.

Cooperation with the university in TübingenSince the summer of 2009, Microsalt collaborates with the clinical university in Tübingen, Germany. With a vast knowledge available if it comes to inhalation applications in various formats, the university is equipped well to seriously perform research on Dry Salt Aerosol inhalation.

Early 2010, the university has finalized a research to assess the effects of Dry Salt Aerosol inhalation on a group of people suffering from cystic fibrosis. The patients inhaled dry salt aerosol during 1 hour per day, 7 days in a row. Before, immediately after and 2 hours after the inhalation session, lung functions and obstruction values were measured. In addition, mucus was collected of each patient up to 6 hours after the inhalation session, and examined in the clinical lab.

Based on the findings of the above research, additional as well as new researches and tests are being developed. With future findings about halotherapy, Microsalt strives to create more awarenes among (para)medical professionals in order to make halotherapy accessable to more people who could use a supportive inhalation therapy to treat their respiratory system.

Room planning


Without having to construct extensive spaces entirely of salt, Microsalt brings the beneficial effects of salt into virtually any room, which may be designed completely individually to suit your tastes. A specially developed process involving ingenious, patented technology feeds a dry salt aerosol into the room. The SP1 Micronizer ensures that this happens at a constant rate. With the SP4 Micronizer, a sensor monitors the salt concentration and controls it fully automatically.

A Salounge salt room consists of a relaxation room and in most cases adjacent technology room. Depending on where the Salounge is situated, an entrance room might be needed to ensure that humidity stays outside the room (e.g. when the Salounge is located close to a swimming pool).

All 3 rooms are actively dried to ensure an optimal climate for respiratory cleaning services and to avoid that the building materials can corrode. The entrance room has little overpressure compared to the salt room and technical room.
The following technology components create the Dry Salt Aerosol climate required:

  • The Microsalt Dry Salt Aerosol Micronizer.
  • The Microsalt adsorption dryer to ensure a RH less than 40% in all 3 rooms.
  • The Microsalt air filter system, if the exhaust air has to be recirculated to a ventilation system. If the exhaust air is fed directly into the environment, the Microsalt air filter system is not required. Filtering is done via a 2-stage filter that needs to be reconditioned regularly.

A Salounge is mostly installed in rooms reaching from 25 to 120 m². They are comfortable beautifully designed rooms where the relaxation experience is optimal while taking a ‘lungbrush’ as a preventative or curative health treatment. Below, an example set up is shown of a Microsalt Salounge.



The Micronizer forms the heart of our salt room concepts. The Micronizer processes the salt and creates a Salt Aerosol with a particle range suited to penetrate deeply into the airways, reaching from sinuses to alveoli.

Different MicronizerMicrosalt offers a range of Micronizers, reaching from low-cost, easy-to-use Micronizers that require manual refilling up to fully automated, internet-enabled devices that require no handling during the day. All our micronizers produce dry salt aerosol by means of deeply dried compressed air instead of mechanical grinding mills. Microsalt Micronizers require a minimum of service and labor.


    SP1   SP4
  Running time   max. 2 hours   max. 18 hours
  Salt sensor   no   yes
  Power supply   230 V/50 Hz   230 V/50 Hz
  Power consumption   100 W   250 W
  Salt concentration   5 to20 mg/m3   5 to20 mg/m3
  Dimensions (W x H x D)   270 x 800 x 170 mm   505 x 530 x 465 mm
  Weight   approx. 18 kg   approx. 29 kg
  Particle size  97% between 0,1 - 2 μm
 97% between 0,1 - 2 μm
  Room volume   max. 75 m3   max. 300 m3
  Cascadable   no   yes
  Internet connection   no


The salt


The salt used for the Microsalt feature is natural rock salt with a sodium chloride (NaCl) content of over 99%, the highest level of naturally occurring purity. The salt is regularly tested to ensure it meets this high purity requirement, because only NaCl has been medically proven to deliver health benefits so far.

Microsalt salt is medically approved salt and even used for infusion treatments. Microsalt salt aerosol inhalation is side-effect free which makes an inhalation session a pleasant experience.

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