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CASENA design sauna

Weightless sauna design – KLAFS Sauna Casena nominated for the German Design Award

KLAFS Sauna Casena has been nominated for the Federal Republic of Germany’s 2012 Design Award. The Casena, presented for the first time at the imm Cologne in spring 2012, received a great deal of attention for its successful combination of current design trends. Whereas the frameless glass front gives a view of the exclusive interior, dark earth shades and Wenge wood characterise the Casena’s exterior and interior cladding. A glint of gold runs through the interior space from the innumerable points of light radiating from the finely modelled ceiling structure. The Casena’s innovative bench concept is a real eye-catcher. Without any visible support the bench surfaces appear to float – that gives the room lightness and size.

The German Design Award awarded by the German Design Council is the highest official award by the state in the field of design. Because of the rules for entry, this award is also respectfully referred to as the “Prize of Prizes” since only the winners of other prizes can take part. Besides aesthetics, brand value and ecological sustainability are also assessed. 

As a global market leader in saunas and spas, KLAFS succeeds with great regularity in presenting surprising new concepts for wellness and health and can already look back over a whole series of internationally renowned design awards for its sauna – and spa – developments.

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