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If you're willing to be bold and throw everything you've ever seen so far overboard. When it came to saunas, there was always one drawback: anyone wishing to turn a hotel room into a private spa suite by installing a sauna, needed sufficient space to do it. And that space could then no longer be used for other purposes once the sauna was installed.

The designers' vision: the really ingenious solution to this challenge was a sauna, which is very small when not being used - and really large if guests want to relax in “their” own sauna. In this way, significantly more hotel rooms were able to be quickly and easily transformed into private spa suites with little building effort. And this sauna should also be designed as a completely self-contained, mobile system. That way the sauna could be moved like a closet, if necessary.

Now, after about three years of intensive development work and a whole range of pioneering technological developments, the fascinating result of this completely new approach is ready for the market and can be ordered from mid-July: the new S1 from KLAFS, the sauna of the future.

The key highlight of this sauna is its minimal space requirements. In its fully retracted position, the S1 is only 60 centimeters deep, just like the average closet. Yet the S1 is a really stylish, high-quality, beautifully designed sauna down to the last detail and with room for the whole family. By pressing a button on the new, extremely compact and slim controls on the front panel, the S1 extends into a ready-to-use sauna in just 20 seconds and is nearly three times as deep. That's because it consists of three elements which can be completely fitted into each other. And all that virtually silently and synchronously, thanks to the patent-pending eMove technology.

The reclining bench of the S1 can be easily pulled forward by ten centimeters after the cabin has been extended and thus offers an additional plus in comfort. On request, the S1 is also available with a folding bench for lying comfortably in pairs - the reclining space can be doubled very quickly by simply unfolding.


The main highlights of the KLAFS S1 at a glance

  • The world's first sauna to retract at the touch of a button - just like a zoom lens on a camera (only 60 centimeters deep in the completely retracted state!).
  • Completely enclosed, mobile system. -
  • Three sizes are available: small (width: 172 x depth: 160 x height: 211 cm), medium (width: 202 x depth: 160 x height: 211 cm) and large (width: 232 x depth: 160 x height: 211 cm). Small version with connection for standard sockets.
  • Almost silent and synchronous eMove technology extends the S1 at the touch of a button into a ready-to-use sauna nearly three times as deep in just 20 seconds.
  • Extremely robust wood sandwich wall construction with the frame stability construction: 40 percent lighter than conventional wall constructions, two thirds less valuable wood is used.
  • New, extremely compact yet powerful VARIUS heater with elegant flock finish (safety guard is unnecessary).
  • Thanks to the Drive Home System which was specially developed for the S1, the heater automatically moves out of its “garage” under the bench when the sauna is opening.
  • Intelligent safety concept eMove Safety Control (MSC): safety sensor stops the cabin when something gets in the way. Cabin only retracts and extends when the buttons are pressed continuously. Cabin can be only be retracted after the heater has cooled down (temperature sensor on the heater). Heater can only be started once the cabin is fully extended. Control can be secured via password.
  • New sauna control ML 028: extremely compact and slim design, color display and five soft keys, 24-hour preselection for automatically heating up the sauna to the previously set time, high-quality triac power supply for silent operation and extreme durability, password protection.


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